Health Plan

3 Options

In-Person Worship @ 9:30/11:00, Neighborhood groups, or online

Visiting Our Building? Here's Our Health Plan

Our plan includes:

1. Spread-out seating arrangement in worship services.

2. Aggressive facility sanitation.

3. Masks required at 9:30 service, and encouraged at the 11:00 service.*

4. Commitment to demonstrate love by acting in the best interests of others.

Our church family takes your health and well-being seriously, and we also believe it is important to do our best to follow health department guidelines for the safety of our wider community. We ask you, as a part of our church family or as a welcome guest to it, to help us protect the vulnerable in reasonable ways, especially by opting for online church if you or anyone in your household feels ill or may have symptoms/obvious exposure to an infected person.

* The current mask mandate in Michigan allows for an exemption when engaging in religious worship. That is why we are offering our 11:00 "masks encouraged but not required" service time, for those who wish to utilize the exemption. However, at our 9:30 service and most other church activities we are still requiring masking to allow the maximum number of people to participate. Please help us out by being cheerfully compliant :-).


You or anyone in your household:

a) has a FEVER

b) has a COUGH


d) has been in CLOSE CONTACT with someone COVID-19 positive

e) has other concerning symptoms, like HEADACHES, CHILLS, SORE THROAT, NAUSEA, VOMITING, DIARRHEA, etc.

f) has been encouraged by a health authority or doctor to QUARANTINE

When in doubt, please error on the side of caution.  And IF you are sick, please let us know so that we can pray for you and help you!  CLICK here to submit your prayer or help request.