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In-Person Worship @ 9:30/11:00, Neighborhood groups, or online

Bible Studies

Bible Studies are also an exciting option at BCBC, where you can deep-dive into God's Word through specialized classes and book studies.

The end times & God's Redemptive story

Mondays, 7:00PM @ BCBC

Primary Contact: Timothy Zebell

  • What we believe about the end times makes a difference in how we live our lives today. While there is much we do not understand, there is also much that can be understood. Join us as we take take a deep dive into end time prophecies and focus on elements all-too-often ignored by prophecy teachers. Our study is not focused on building a timeline. Instead, we focus on the thematic elements, highlighting our spiritual war. Likewise, our study is not intended to create a sense of uncertainty and dread. Instead, by understanding what is coming, we can have confidence and hope regardless of how confusing and disruptive the world around us becomes. Prophecy teaches us that present obedience, faith, and works have future benefits, but present wickedness and rebellion have negative future consequences. Nowhere is this more evident than prophecies about the end times. Join us as we consider what end time prophecies reveal about God's redemptive story.

Bible Discussion Groups

Would you like to join a few others to discuss the bible readings we are walking though as a church family in the new year? Form your own group, or let us help you connect with a few others. Click below and we will help connect you with a discussion group.  Already formed a group? We'd love if you would still fill out the form and tell us who you are meeting with.  That way, we can keep you updated and encouraged along the way! 

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Other Areas to Connect

We have a variety of other groups and gatherings that meet throughout the week/month. 

Berrien Center Recovery

Consider joining us Thursday evenings from 7-8:30 pm at our Christ centered recovery support group. This is a safe place where individuals can come and share their experience, strength, and hope, in an environment where confidentiality and accountability remain foundational principles. We will face head on with the guiding principles of scripture, the destructive patterns and behaviors that plague us. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  Please come and experience both as together we love others into a life changing relationship with our one true higher power, Jesus Christ. 

Please contact Randy Dertinger for additional details: PH# 919.987.7958

Helping Hands 

Helping Hands is a BCBC ministry that makes baby blankets, shawls, lap blankets, afghans, hats etc. to distribute throughout our church family and the Berrien county communities all year long.  If you like to create in this way, or would just like to be part of the fellowship, everyone is invited —women & men of all skill levels.  There are many areas in which you can help. Helping Hands currently meets the first Thursday of each month, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Room 306.

 If you have questions, contact the church office at: 269-461-6601.