Bible Studies


sundays 9:30 or 11:00 am

Bible Studies

Bible Studies are also an exciting option at BCBC, where you can deep-dive into God's Word through specialized classes and book studies. Many of these meet on Sunday mornings, concurrent with our two worship services.

You can view the list below for current bible study options.

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

9:30 Service Hour

  • "Designed to Image God", Teachers: Bill Zebell; Timothy Zebell, Room 306
    • What does it mean to image God, and how is God restoring us to our original purpose and design? Furthermore, what does it mean to live in the Kingdom of God today? Join us as we unpack the redemption story and discover God's grand plan for humanity.
  • “Preparing for Revival”, Teachers: Mike & Kallie Ott, Mike & Kim Hildebrand, Craig Anderson, The Chapel
    • If you want a more personal connection at BCBC...if you would benefit from honestly processing and navigating life with others...if you would enjoy exploring Bible knowledge from an application be "do-ers" of the Bible, not just "know-ers"...if you would value support as you serve/mentor others inside and outside of the church, then this group is for you. Join us for both large and small group discussions. Our theme for the first few months will be "Preparing for Revival” - getting our hearts and minds ready for the Life Action Summit in November.
  • "Women's Study", Teachers: Kirsten Lake & Team, Room 305

11:00 Service Hour

  • "Cultural Hot Topics from a Christian Perspective", Teachers: Kevin Runyon; Dick Bartz, Room 305
    • We will be discussing hot button subjects that are in the news today, such as Homosexuality, Immigration, Patriotism and Global Warming and many others. We'll focus on the Christians response to these subjects and how to love others that may have a different moral stance than we do.