sundays 9:30 or 11:00 am


We want all of our youth to know Jesus Christ and to find their ultimate joy and satisfaction in Him. We have designed our youth ministry to deepen understanding of the greatness of our God, and to give encouragement in the pursuit of godliness. Check out our events page to see any upcoming events for the youth of Berrien Center Bible Church.


The Middle School Ministry encompasses 6th - 8th grades. In Middle School the pressures of conformity are enormous. If you were to go around asking people, “What was the most difficult phase in your life?” you will likely hear the answer “Junior High” come out very rapidly. This age can be incredibly difficult for students because it is a time when they begin trying to figure out who they want to be. This ministry exists in order to help both parents and students through this challenging time.


High School Ministry encompasses 9th-12th grades. In middle school, student begin to choose who they want to be, but it is in High School where students really begin to live life based on their values. This ministry exists in order to help both parents and students navigate through the various choices they will begin to make.


Wednesday Night Gathering, 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Merge is currently only offered during the normal school year. During the summer youth group meets every other Wednesday at different houses. See our event section for more information.

On Wednesday nights we offer a program for everyone in our church. For Middle and High School Students, we have a time of fellowship, worship, and learning. We strive to maintain a safe environment for students to not only come to learn about God, but also to come and live for God. Youth Group is a place where students of all walks of life come together to fellowship. For those students who have dedicated themselves to the Lord, we work with, and through, them so they can help us minister to the students who do not know the Lord. We are passionate about using Youth Group as a training ground. This involves "doing" as much as it does "learning". Youth group is the time where we help students learn about their spiritual gifts and then create opportunities for them to grow. Our strategy is to not only pour into your student, but to also pour into those who do not know Christ along with your student.


Sunday Morning, 9:30AM - 10:30AM

Sunday School is a time for us to stretch your student’s understanding of God and the Bible. We focus on three areas of knowledge during this time: God and why we should love and obey Him; how to read and study the Bible, theology/doctrine; and how to communicate it and defend it.